In Fine Fettle works in association with Total Train to offer a range of training opportunities for health care professional, carers, teachers and educators, as well as parents and carers of children with additional needs. 


All training is provided via a suitably qualified person with up-to-date knowledge in the area they are training in. Further information about joint training can be found at


In addition In Fine Fettle is able to offer specific training to enable educational staff and carers to meet the needs of children with special eduational needs and disabilities. These include, but are not limited to, the following:


Manual Handling of Patients - Half day course - This course will introduce basic information about how to manually handle patients who are unable to fully move themselves. This includes looking at why a person may be unable to move independently, when to offer assistance, when to offer equipment and information regarding legislation effecting manual handling of patients.


Manual Handling - Full day course  - This course contains all the same information as the half day course. It then goes on to look at how we can manually handle patients, how to use the equipment available in your work place and how to safely assist a patient to move. In addition you will learn how to complete an effective risk assessment for manual handling and what areas to consider in this. 


Learning Disabilities - Half day course - This course make you think about what we need to do to help a person with LD how to achieve their optimum potential. It looks at the difference between being a carer and being a support worker. It also touches on the subject of person centred working, ensuring that the patient is at the centre of all the work that you do with them.


Introduction to Postural Mangament - On this course you will find out what postural manaement is and why we need to think about it. You will learn about the effects of poor posture, including the potential medical issues. You will also get a brief overview of what can be done to help people who are unable to manage their own posture.


What is Postural Management? - This is a more indepth look at postural management than the above course. It looks in greater depth at the effects of posture and how you are able to help posture. It also looks at equipment available to manage posture and what effect this can have. You will learn who is able to help with postural management as well as the realistic access to equipment.


Introduction to Sensory Integration and why it matters - This is a half day or twilight course for either groups of parents or staff who work with children who have possible sensory integration or sensory processing difficulties. You will learn the basics of what sensory integration is, what areas these difficulties can impacts on and how to identify if a child has sensory integration issues. 


Why won't this child keep still? - This is a half day or twilight course which looks at some of the reasons certain children find it difficult to sit still within the classroom. It considers sensory integration issues, positioning, and trauma. It allows staff to start to consider whether or not the challenges they see are just bad behaviour, or if there could be another reason for it. 


For further details please contact us on 07860 776988 or via our contact page